Community Lunch Stops


There are now a number of communities providing a lunch service for guests on the trek in North Wollo.


Traditional materials at lunch stop kitchen

At each of these lunch stops you will find lovely views, often over the escarpment edge.  The facilities include a shaded eating area, a kitchen, and a simple eco toilet. Lunch is the local enjara pancake – a slightly sour flat bread widely eaten Ethiopia. On top of the enjara will be a selection of vegetarian ‘stews’ made with pulses and locally  vegetables. These are called ‘wots’. The community will also make freshly roasted coffee, in a coffee ceremony, that gives you what is probably the best coffee in the world. Your hosts can also make tea if you do not drink coffee, and will have a selection of soft drinks and beers to quench your thirst as well as bottled water.


Werkhaye Mariam set in a clearing by the woods

The communities serving lunch are:

Werkhaye Mariam – the western most community in West Meket, 3- 4 hours walk from Mequat Mariam. This community site is set next to a large area of juniper woodland. This is the main starting point or end point for the West Meket trek.


Meskal Mikael lunch stop on the cliff in Meket

Meskal Mikael – set about halfway between Mequat Mariam and Wajela community guest houses. Meskal lunch stop is built by a remote bit of basalt cliff overlooking the great rivers to the south. There is a nearby waterfall (which stops as the dry season progresses) and quite a bit of wildlife and bird life around the cliffs. Its a pretty good place to see the Gelada Baboons.


Gicha lunch stop


Gicha – set about half way between Wajela and Aterow community guest houses. This is by a big church called Galla Dejen Giyorgis, recently rebuilt. It is set on the cliff edge, with good views of the wooded church yard and the lowlands below.

Dufti Mariam, is set between Yadukulay and Boya Mikael. Again on a part of the cliff with spectacular views to the west. There is a nearby church of the same name with its quiet church yard full of trees.


lunch stop at Waro Mikael

Waro Mikael, is set between Boya Mikael and Aina Amba, once more set on the edge of the escarpment with views that will make this a memorable lunch.

The last lunch stop in Meket, at the eastern edge of the woreda is Melkidefer.  Possibly the best views of the lot from here as there is a gorge developing on the escarpment edge. Not far away is the wooded compound of Adisge church, with the rare high altitude growth of Giant Heather – (Erica arborea) trees. This lunch stop is between Aina Amba and Kurtain Washa, and can also be used as the start or end of the East Meket hike for those that do not have time to make it to Kurtain Washa.

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