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Guiding in Wollo – Lalibela

The Community Tourism Guiding Enterprise (CTGE) is an organisation linked to the community sites. Over the years Tesfa supportied the CTGE to become its own independent business, professionally guiding guests on their trek through the local communities in the mountains around Lalibela.

Your guide will travel from Lalibela to the trek start with you. We recommend that you meet up the evening before if possible so that you can check any last minute details. Your guide may be able to meet you at your hotel or you can meet them at their office. If flying in they will meet you at the airport.

If travelling by bus you will be responsible for your guide’s ticket, but he can help you to find the bus station and get the right bus. If travelling by hired vehicle he will check with the vehicle operator and make sure arrangements are in place to have you picked at your hotel or a convenient place.

If you arrange to meet your guide outside Lalibela, or are not travelling back to Lalibela with your guide you will be responsible for his travel from and to Lalibela.

There are ten guides working for the CTGE at the moment. All the guides are from North Wollo, but many have spent time out of Lalibela and the area. All of them share a love of the area and the communities and are really committed to the concept of community tourism.

The CTGE office is manned during normal office hours, but sometimes there can be problems getting through to Lalibela phone number. Do try both numbers 033 336 1094/5, and if busy or not answering it maybe due to connection problems. They also have a duty mobile 091 324 4479.

Guiding in Tigray – Adigrat

There are currently four trained guides operating out of Adigrat ready to take you on your community tourism adventure. Mulat, Kiros, Biniam and Berhan (our first female guide) are local and speak good english and so will be your link to the local communities. Their localy registered business is just now being set up. In addition Berhe and Fitsum are set to join the team. They have been working to develop the community guest houses and worked with the communities and so have an intimate knowledge of the people and area.

As in Lalibela your guides will come and meet you and take you to the start of the trek. At the moment they do not have an office, but Tesfa Tours staff in Addis will give you the phone number of the guide assigned to your trek.

Transport in Wollo – Lalibela

Habtamu Baye, runs a transport company called Treasure Transport, and has been serving clients of the Tesfa Community treks for many years. He operates a fleet of vehicles and will arrange your transport from Lalibela to the trek start, and back again at the end. He is able to arrange additional journeys, whether to Bahir Dar, Gondar, Mekdela, Sekota or Mekele etc.  He can often be found at the restaurant he runs with his business partner Susan – Ben Abeba. Or contact him on / 091 102 8953.

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